Celebrating animation with DaisySmile

How to make Play Doh with DaisySmile

Celebrating Animation with DaisySmile

Cartoon Fun with DaisySmile


The history of animation started in 1906 by a newspaper cartoonist J Stuart Blackton who was one of the co-founders of the Vitagraph.

The first animated film (French) by Emile Cohl in 1908.  Fantasmagorie is one of the first hand drawn animated films.

An animated cartoon can be film for cinema, television or computer screen and is made up of sequential drawings, as opposed to the general term animation, which can be made of clay, puppet or other means.

Animated cartoons are still very popular  and are created for commercial, educational and personal purposes.

Animation Styles

The first style that comes to mind is traditional animation – 2D, Cel, Hand Drawn

2 D Animation comes can be vector-based

3D Animation is computer animation or CGI – a global IT company and business process services provider with 70,000 professionals worldwide.

Animation is a great method of getting your message out there with the aid of vibrant and energetic characters and fonts to get the attention of your audience for the use of advertising and entertainment.

Emoji your Life with DaisySmile!
Emoji your Life with DaisySmile!





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