DaisySmile discovery downunder with character creator Linda Burian

Wishing you all the best as we swing into the Christmas silly season from Linda and Meggy Moo of DaisySmile!

DaisySmile Discovery Downunder!

DaisySmile lovable cow characters have been inspired by the Yarra Valley in Australia.  The Yarra Valley is home to dairy farms, vineyards, craft markets and fresh produce.  There are great places to visit including Yarra Valley Dairy where one can sample the beautiful cheeses on offer.

I love to go for a lovely country drive through the Yarra Valley in country Australia, home to many good wines such as Chandon and many more.

My vision to have an animation company with my lovable cow characters and one day set up an attraction for families with gallery and a display of character artwork on the walls.  A family attraction full of fun.

Ultimately I would love to have my characters on the big screen in cartoons animation and games.  It all works beautifully.   When I started drawing them, I could see the huge possibilities.

Things do not always go to plan.  So you then try to adjust.  Yes, I have child like qualities and love to DREAM BIG and don’t see the obstacles in front of me.  I also started my journey unconventionally and admit it is great to work as a team.  I would totally welcome working with others that can share this dream and help make it a reality.

I would enjoy working with others with the know how and experience I lack.  Hey, we can all benefit from working together.  I guess my position at the moment due to my personal situation has been challenging financially and changing my environment.

I would like to thank everybody who has tried to offer advice and assistance.  I have definitely felt amazing energy and enjoyed this exciting ride.  I have found myself in a paradigm which is both exciting and frustrating because of personal circumstances.

So whatever happens, my dream is still there where it all started.  No one can take that from me.  It is very real!

DaisySmile……always coming up daisies!








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