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Promoting Healthy Children in the Technological Age


The importance of play is so very important to a Childs healthy development.  When psychological issues arise in adult life, it often brings us back to memories in our childhood  where we picked up messages where we received the wrong feedback by people around us that doesn’t serve us in the long run.  It is not about blame.  It is simply a fact of life, that people close to us when forming our interpretation of the world do the best that they can according to their own experiences when young.

This is why when we know better, we do better.  Its good to realise the people that love and surround us are often doing the best that they can.

Keeping things light and fun is so important for healthy children.  We often forget this as adults and complicate our lives.  I believe it is so important to look at the world with wonder and awe at the world around use, through child-like eyes.  There’s a lot to be grateful for.  As a little girl, I loved being in nature, fascinated and amazed by the beauty of an insect, an earthworm, a lady beetle.

It’s so important to appreciate the beauty that our creator has provided.  Their is wonder and perfection in everything from a flower to an insect, and in everyone of us.  We all have that special spark within us.  So as parents, allow your child to be themselves and appreciate that we are shaping their future and making them the teachers of tomorrow.  It is an awesome role and responsibility.

Allow them to discover and develop naturally into healthy individuals and find their interests and passions and encourage them to do more of what they love.

Emoji your Life with DaisySmile!
Emoji your Life with DaisySmile





In this day and age, there are so many gadgets and gizmos, not to mention all the amazing apps and games at their disposal for entertainment value.  The world is changing at a fast pace with many technological breakthroughs in the way we interact.  I personally believe it is crucial that we maintain the interaction and communication with people not just looking at a computer screen for hours on end or playing digital games without that heartfelt people connection that is so vital to our overall health and wellbeing.  There’s a place and time for digital games and social apps, but it is a concern when our values are based on how many followers we have on social media.  Encourage your child to like themselves through doing something for someone else.

I encouraged my girls to work with elderly people who were in an aged care facility as they were growing up.  The appreciation was two fold.  Giving feels great.  It was a win win.


DaisySmile was created with love and inspiration of the beauty that surrounds us in nature and the life within it.

The DaisySmile cartoon characters are full of fun and created to spread love, light and joy.

These characters come to life in story books and are designed to add that element of fun through learning for children.



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