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Encourage imagination in your child

Daydreaming to visualise your goals


We are all blessed with the power of imagination when we come into this world.  Unfortunately child are often discouraged with comments like ‘don’t be a dreamer’, ‘stop daydreaming’, ‘you have to work hard’ or made fun of when they do things differently.  I am sure that many have heard the comment ‘get a real job’ when someone chooses to do something they love‘ like music.

So…… parents and mentors we must STOP these unhelpful comments if we want to nurture the talents that lie within and observe the natural gifts our children have to offer.  What better way to boost confidence in a child than encouraging the things they love.

Sure, if little Johnny love to sit playing video games for hours on end, you might want to encourage some balance with some physical activity such as sport and help those brain cells by getting some oxygen flowing through. the blood vessels.  This being said, there is no better way to success than doing what you truly have a genuine passion for.  You might want to encourage little Johnny to get into making his own games and apps.  Most schools have access to courses to learn coding, etc.


Kid playing video games
Kid playing video game obsession







Celebrate Uniqueness

Some of the most successful people were reknowned for doing things differently.  Some had learning difficulties such as a stutter and well-known names such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg were dyslexic.  Branson’s headmaster commented ‘I predict that you will either go to prison or become a millionaire’.  It turns out that both of these predictions were true for Branson.

Richard Branson
Successful entrepreneur Richard Branson and Steve Jobs both lived with dyslexia

So look for the special spark in your child and help it to burn brightly.

Who knows, with encouragement your child could end up being the next Steve Jobs, Branson or Spielberg.






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