Storytelling and Imagination or Tech Gizmos

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Storytelling vs Computer Games and Tech Toys

In this time of cool technology such as the latest iPhones, whiz-bang apps that can do all sorts of things from playing music on demand, answering all sorts of questions and the amazing array of robotic toys available which offers a great choice for children’s learning and entertainment.

Besides the thought that these gadgets and games can keep young kids entertained for hours on end, parents are finding the need to get some balance back in the lives of their children.

With all of these awesome choices, there is a need for balance and even though children often resist being taken away from addictive video games, when encouraged to get out and do alternative activities e.g. rock climbing, skateboarding, bike riding or a game of footy or soccer, find they enjoy it.  It gets the blood circulating and is great to get the cogs working in the brain with a much better functionality.

Encourage your children to do activities that use their imagination e.g. create or build something.  Encourage children to draw, paint and write.  We can learn a lot from children, just listen to the expressive words which demonstrate a beautiful and creative mind.   Toys like Lego is also great for this, but there really is no need for fancy or expensive toys for a child to get creative.

Children at Christmas

You may have noticed that when observing a young child at Christmas, they are often thrilled with the least expensive gift or end up playing with the wrapping paper.  They learn to focus on materialism by what adults and peers teach them. 

Then before you know it, there is a competition that’s all about keeping up with whose got what.  This just helps teach them to be unfulfilled adults.  If we all encourage children to use their imagination, enjoy and appreciate nature, the outdoors and amazing world around us, we can all help inspire a collected consciousness for a better future.

We all need a change of pace from staring at our laptops.  Too much of any one thing brings about other issues like eye strain, bad posture and we all can do with getting out in the fresh air and enjoying some exercise.  It is always wise to start kids off on the right foot to promote a healthy lifestyle.

So do your kid a favour and set some boundaries that he/she will thank you for later.



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