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When I was a little girl, my mother would say, ‘What would like for your birthday?

I would say a doll. Yes, I was a girly girl with Barbies galore, Chrissy Doll, Teary Dearie……you name it. And actually, I looked after them rather well and still have many that were cherished and looked after.

Today there a great choice of toys for both girls and boys without the stereotypical influences of years ago.

The latest dolls exhibit powerful characters for girl roles such as President Barbie.

The Baby Go Bye Bye doll eats, crawls and comes with a carrier to take her with you wherever you go.

Thingmaker by Mattel is an up to minute 3D printer for toys.

Fischer Price have been making quality for as far back as I can remember…… of their latest is the Fischer Price Caterpillar.


Miniatures are back in a big way!


Major toy brands are introducing miniature versions of their most popular products. These are just some of them –

Moose toys have the Shopkins Sweet Spot Playset, Lego City Fun in the Park City People Pack, and the Disney Princess Little Kingdom Royal Sparkle Collection.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Dolls are a popular choice as a collectable and for their mix and match snap in clothes.

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse priced $300 is up to date with technology such as an app and voice recognition software. It comes with an Apple Home Kit so kids can talk directly to home.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking cost $25 uses a tiny ATM to keep track of every last financial transaction. Cash has been replaced by credit cards and an electronic banking unit.

AUTHOR: Ellebee Kay

This is our toy blog. I look forward to bringing you interesting info on toy trends for children